English Translation Is in Progress


As I work as translator at the same time being the representative of this organization, I am translating this site slowly.
There are accesses from over seas. I guess the name of our organization is somehow attracting people from abroad. One of my friend who is an english speaker (not native speaker) said to me that I should have English to this site, so more people who understand what you really want to do will come to help you. I knew I should, but I was kind of procrastinating the process for 2 to 3 years.
One of my concern was my English. I might make mistakes, but it doesn’t have reason not to toss out the messages that I want to spread.
I also teach English to few Japanese and I always tell them that what matters about speaking English is to communicate, is not to speak correct English. So, I have to be a role model. I won’t hesitate for what I am not confident of. I will send messages that I want more people to know, even I can only write sloppy English. My passion for sending my messages matters.
If you find mistakes on this site, please let me know for making it better, not to make me feel embarrassed.

I also have a plan to make English version of the iPhone App that I developed. I still have problems on upgrading the app, and stuck with it. I really need helps and searching for engineer who can help but there are financial problems.
I do this activity and am not really good at asking things to other people. This is a BIG problem which I am strongly aware of since I opened the crowdfunding 3 years ago.

Fortunately (and unfortunately), I have lost some jobs as freelance worker, I have plenty of time to translate this site. Not earning enough money, but earning future good things on earth.

I know and I have known that I should have English translation on this site, so more people in the world can connect with the idea of being role models of girls. I need more like minded people who can offer their skills and whom I can offer them what I can do. It might take some time, but it shall be done.

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