Activities and Projects

We consider that it is important for the young girls to have good role models. Elder women to show them living lively and joyfully is the best way. Showing how we can be economically and emotionally independent is also important role to help young girls to plan their future.

We are planning to rase the numbers of women who will be admired by small girls and make girls say…

“I want to be like her!”
“It’s not too bad to born a woman if I can be like her.”

To be the one of the role models, I developed an iPhone app all by myself from fundraising to coding.

We now looking for any technical help and/or financial support.

Developing Apps and Using Twitter

 “Pom Squad” an App for iPhoneAdministration of Twitter version of Pom Squad
Current StatusPom Squad App has been released from Apple App Store since November 23rd 2017. No English version yet. Since it needs more improvement, we are trying upgrading our App, but we are unable to do so right now regarding technical problems. It will be ban from App Store if we are unable to update the App for iOS 13.Twitter BOT account has been opened since May 15th 2017.

I have had an experience which smart phone App helped me to escape from a codependent relationship, so I have decided to developed an iPhone App. The App is to help women who are caught up in codependent relationships and who want to separate herself from it.

I am tempting to develop more Apps and have ideas of helping people to get out from irrational believes.

I am looking for engineers who can help me to develop more useful app to help people who are suffering.

We have a Japanese Twitter account which tweets encouraging and cheering words every hour so users of smart phone other than iPhones can experience one of the features from Pom Squad App.

The automatic tweet application can help those who need coaches who give them the words they need at the time of they try to make phone calls and to text messages to their abusers, which they cannot stop as addiction.

Group Study

Monthly group study circle has been started from March 2018. The group studies are held only in Japanese, but I can arrange English group by request as well. Ask for information using inquiry form.