Due to the situation with COVID-19 and the decrement of participants, the Group Discussion will not be held for awhile.

Group Discussions

Let’s talk about gender and our belief systems which we buy-into

We hold group discussions on cognitive biases, stereotypes, and decision making.
Discussions are held in Japanese, but it is possible to hold them in English as well. On-line discussions are also possible on Google Hangouts.

You can check the date and time of the group discussions on the Google calendar below.

Subjects of our discussions

  1. Gender cognitive bias
  2. Decision making – How do we make up our mind
  3. Codependency
  4. Other

How to sign up

The due date of the sign-up for group discussions is the day of two weeks before the discussion.
We hold our discussions on the last Friday of each month.
At least two members should be entered to hold the discussion. So, if there are only one participant, you will be receiving an e-mail of cancellation of the group discussion after the due date.
On-line English group discussion will be held anytime by your request.

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