Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

“The world where young girls can create their joy of living by believing their abilities”

Our Mission

  • We carry out activities for girls to develop their self-evaluation
  • We give girls tips how to be independent both emotionally and economically
  • We become new role models of girls to look up to
  • We create new female values to the world



Noriko Tsurumi

I grew up in Yokohama. I now live in Tama area in Tokyo. I am an open-lesbian and am over 50. I achieved my Management Bachelor degree from Sanno University in March 2020.

The goal of this activity: To dedicate the rest of my life to contribute happiness of girls in the world
The reason why I started this activity: This idea came to me while I struggled with my emotions and believes through getting out from unhealthy relationship
The trail to my activity: I used to be good at making most of my ex-partners bossy, and I didn’t know why. I realized that it was based on how I build my relationships – codependency. I learned it by reading books and watching YouTube videos which talks about toxic relationships. My biggest question was “Why can’t I detach from someone who hurts me?” And the answer was “codependency”. I used some English Apps to change my codependent mindset. They all worked together. Then, I wanted to help other women who are in the same situation by developing an App to support them. At the same time, I have learned how we are affected by our culture and the way elder people live their lives. I wanted to become one of the better role models for the young girls, though I am a lesbian with no child, so I decided to found this voluntary association to be one. So far, I am the only one to run this but willing to corporate with like-minded people as well.

True Color Create (Japanese site only)
The developer of the iPhone Apps is my other business called True Color Create.
True Color Create gives services such as translation, designing Apps, writing articles, helping small business with deployment of IT systems and new technology, giving business solutions and consultations.